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Tips for Holidaymakers

Tips for holidaymakers staying in the hotel:

  • Bring your own swimsuit. Swimsuits and towels can also be rented at the pay desk of Taikametsä Spa.
  • The hotel rooms feature bathrobes for adults; children’s bathrobes are available at the hotel reception.
  • Bath slippers can be bought from the shop on the Promenade.
  • Bring a towel from your room when going to Spa Taikametsä.
  • You will be given a bracelet from the pay desk of the spa that allows you to enter in and out of the gate.
  • The bracelet is also used to lock and open clothes storage cabinets.
  • Leave the cabinet door unlocked when leaving Taikametsä. The gate will ”swallow” the bracelet and let you out. If you lock the cabinet upon leaving, the gate will not let you out.
  • Opening hours vary by season. Consult the Hotel TV’s info pages or reception for hours.
  • In the shop on the Spa Street, you will find all necessities. In addition to daily consumer goods, the shop features gift items and textile products.
  • Playing equipment (incl. badminton, floorball, volleyball), bicycles, skiing equipment, and snowshoes are available for rent at the hotel reception. Sleds, slides, and outdoor games can be borrowed.
  • The Café and the Lobby Bar Helmi have a range of board and other traditional games that can be borrowed.
  • Imatran Kylpylä Spa hotel keeps lost and found items in hotel reception for 1 week.
    After that, you can ask your items from Etelä-Karjalan löytötavaratoimisto.
    Tel. +358 600 550 135,